Matteo Chiari

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The KARI Foundation work with the Aboriginal community to create meaningful points of connection to share Aboriginal culture and achievement. 

I'm running the City2Surf to contribute to the ongoing design, support and delivery of programs that aim to create positive change for more individuals and communities alike.

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey and milestones with you in support of the KARI Foundation. To find out more about what they do, visit their website:

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Samuel Bettens

Kudos to you for supporting such a worthy cause. Best of luck for the run!



Just keep 'Running up that hill . . . '


Nayla Pianu

Run forest run!


Richard Poeltl


Taylor Mckenzie

Best of luck, Matteo! Go get ‘em tiger


Ronald Byrne

I'll make it $50 if you beat 65mins. Is that doable



It's just a wee hill, you got this!



It's just a wee run, you can do it!


Lorenzo Chiari



Here we go!


Jake Byrne

Run fat boy run


Matteo Chiari



Go well, mate!


Mayank Gupta

Good luck Matteo


Matthew J Whitaker

Good luck Matteo