Join Team KARI for the City2Surf!

In 2024, the KARI Foundation invites you to participate in the Sun Herald City2Surf by walking, jogging, or running!

The KARI Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with the Aboriginal community to establish meaningful connections that celebrate Aboriginal culture and accomplishments.

By joining Team KARI, you play a vital role in supporting the continuous development, assistance, and implementation of programs that strive to bring about positive transformations for individuals and communities alike.

Take the initiative to register for the City2Surf today and kickstart your fundraising campaign!


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Tips to Begin Fundraising

Set a realistic goal

Create your fundraiser with an achievable fundraising goal, once you have gained some momentum, you can adjust your goal accordingly.

Tell a shareable story

Share your personal story with your audience and why you are fundraising for this cause. How does this organisation impact you and what does it mean to you?

Upload high quality photos and videos

Take your audience with you on your journey to your fundraising goal. Share with them your personal progess and how their donation is motivating you to go further. 





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