About Our Charity

KARI is the collective term we use when referring to our three entities: KARI Limited, KARI Foundation and KARI Aboriginal Procurement.

KARI was established in 1999 through the creation of KARI Limited, which has long supported the Aboriginal community by designing and delivering quality programming and services. Today, KARI Limited continues to be a leader in the space of Aboriginal child protection.

In 2016, after 17 years of successful operations, the KARI Board of Directors agreed to the creation of the KARI Foundation. They understood the outcomes of Aboriginal could be further achieved by increased collaboration between state and federal Governments, Corporate Australia and Collective Australia.

2021 marked the launch of KARI Aboriginal Procurement ‘KAP’, our aim with the creation of KAP is to deliver an end-to-end customer experience and walk alongside corporate Australia to help facilitate KARI services Australia wide.

Across these three entities, KARI is proud to employ over 180 people, with approximately 80% of our staff identifying as Aboriginal. We operate nationally, and our headquarters are in Sydney.

We strive to offer a continuum of award-winning services that all begin with meaningful community engagement. Our commitment to providing high quality, sustainable services and programs that benefit our community is unwavering.


Once off Donation

Your once-off donation can go towards a variety of programs we run for the Aboriginal community, including our back to school packs and monthly elders hampers


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If you want to contribute to changing the lives of the Aboriginal community, consider becoming a monthly giver. Your regular donation will provide funds to expand our programs across Australia


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About Our Cause

Every dollar you donate goes towards building bright futures for Aboriginal families and young people.